Training unlimited offer a number of short courses based in the Community Services Sector; these courses are great as a base of knowledge, refreshers, and ensuring up to date practices in the skilled area.

We have regular public classes for Manual Handling and Medication Awareness at our Mitcham training rooms, and all our courses are available for employers on site.


This short course is designed to provide an awareness and practical knowledge of manual handling within the HACC, Disability and Aged Care environments. It will review and refresh key manual handling skills, cover manual handling problem solving for specific settings and applying an ongoing manual handling risk assessment and problem solving model.


This module covers common infection control measures in the community sector, resets infection control principles and practices, applying infection control practices (hand washing assessment) and problem solving: typical workplace situations and managing infection control risk


This module explores the knowledge and skills required to support and engage people to use positive and adaptive responses in their daily routines. It covers preparing for administering meds, common delivery methods, infection control principles and relevant documentation.


This covers why a person may require a PEG, types of tubes and equipment for nutrition support and their maintenance, management of Stoma site, delivery of food, fluids and medication via PEG


Covers Safe food handling principles, safe food preparation, transport and storage, temperature control and hygiene practices

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